Dec 2013

December 12, 2013 10:37 am Published by

Lots have happened since the last post…  I’ve finished 4 new tracks:

2 cool collaborations with a musician -Matty B living in Spain:- He has reworked a track of mine called “Moments in Love”, and I have reworked on of his called “10 Months of Summer”.

The third new track is called “Is there a Killer” -and features support from Alexandre Bischop – a Brazilian musician. This is a dark song – but was something I wanted to do for a long while: it’s about the agony of watching a loved one suffer – and about the thoughts that pass you when seeing such cruelty. The last new track is ” The Clock Hands Fall” and – my first 100% RoutineZero track for a while. I’m proud of this track: the lyrics are strong – there’s a story there, and I feel the vocals are powerful too…

This last quarter of 13 has also been a time I decided to try and get some further exposure to my tracks. I’ve attended numerous music seminars and day events – organised by a local music resource called The Generator – and these got me geared up… In November – I sent Clock Hands track into Soundout – a music analysis paid service where the track gets 250 independent reviews and a full market potential analysis. The result was both revealing, and positive, showing a big diversity in feelings on the track. The ‘in genre’ score was an impressive 73% – meaning that it has strong single potential in the electronica market – so that was great news…

I went on to set up four tracks for my first EP release – The Clock Hands Fall.   I used Emu Bands to release it on Itunes, Google and Spotify and prepared a press release page to try some low cost plugging which was interesting but not very fruitful.

  I’ve also posted my second video – for a track called “Black & Blue” – and so thats on YouTube now too:)